Reviews About The Book

Tea Leoni, Actress: "The story you share of struggling with drug addiction is captivating and disturbing, but most importantly, the success you have found after achieving sobriety is awesome and inspiring for anyone whishing the same."

Sugar Ray Leonard 6 Time World Boxing, Champion & 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist: "Rob is truly a fighter! One of the toughest opponents you could ever face is drugs and alcohol! We have all been knocked down in life and if you are looking for a way to get back up, 180 Degrees is the perfect trainer."

Anita Lenenfeld, Homemaker / Teacher: "Rob is an inspiration for those who believe that life without drugs is not possible. For those who have not experienced the devil of addiction, you will be amazed to hear the story of how he grew up and survived. Page to page this true story will have you wondering, "What could possibly happen next?" Robs story reminds us that no matter how bad a past you may have had, that there is always hope for the future."

Chris Hershey-Van Horn: "You don't have to be an addict to appreciate Robert's moving and sometimes shocking autobiography, 180 Degrees. Though I am not an addict (and plan on never becoming one, especially after reading this book), Robert's 180 Degrees touched me with the sheer raw power of its misadventures, and the subtle, yet encouraging optimism for those battling any kind addiction."

Testimonials About The Author

Dieter: "
I started getting loaded with Rob back in 1982. We spent all our time acquiring drugs and getting high. We were in and out of each others lives until we lost touch around 1988. In 1998 Robert called me one day out of the blue and told me had been sober for some time. When I heard that, for the first time in my life I thought, "Maybe I can get sober."

It would still be several years before I would take a sober breath, but that day gave me the hope I never had before. I will be forever grateful to him for that. I'm so blessed to have Rob in my life; he is an inspiration to me. The fact that neither one of us should be alive today is a miracle in itself, but to have turned his life around 180 degrees is nothing short of miraculous.Rob is one of the most gracious, caring people I know today and I'm so glad he is sharing his story to help others find hope, just like he helped me. Thanks Rob!"

Alden Marin: Rob is a wonderful and inspiring example of the power AA can have in a willing soul. I'm one that has had enough of old habits and is prepared, with open arms, for the good news and honest lifestyle of a better way. I have heard Rob tell his story many times and each time I am privileged to hear it, I am impressed with just how much he has grown spiritually and what an invaluable resource he has become both to the Recovery Community and to the world.

Nick Segal: I have known Robert for approximately 10 years. And knowing a bit about his past, Rob's current reality as a successful business man with a thriving career, a loving and caring father and husband as well as solid and dependable friend is a true success story. Rob's determination and willingness to crawl out of the living hell that surrounded him is a testimony to the true spirit of the human will to rise up and win. Congratulations on your book. May your intention to reach out and assist the lives of others be realized just as beautifully as the life you are creating for yourself right now.

Dawn: I have known Rob since he was born. He was a wonderful child, with a strong personality that everyone was attracted to; He was outgoing, funny, and an athletic boy. One we all truly adored. Form that wonderful child he turned into a drug crazed, liar, thief, and all around druggie. He was impossible to be around, unless you were in the same space he was. He no longer was the outgoing, happy person we all knew. He became a different person. We all missed and longed for many years, for the old Rob back. Having the backbone that Rob had hidden away, he was able to come back into society, as a person of quality, and stamina. All the good qualities he had as a boy have come back full force in his recovery. He then went on to make himself a successful businessman and a respected person in his community. I feel honored and proud to be a member of the same family as Rob, and enjoy the times we can now share as responsible, effective adults. With all my love and respect.

Ginger Coffey: Having known Rob since high school, I've seen him evolve from a hard living substance abuser on a downward spiral, to a loving family man and successful business person. His story demonstrates that even at your lowest point the human spirit can find its way to soar.

Nola Nordmarken, MFT: All I could do was cry. I curled up in the fetal position like an infant and bawled... All I wanted was to get any drug into my system." When I read this, my heart paused the way it does when you've just heard that a wonderful human being has died.And to think that this was not the bottom for him. I think of how dim his light was at that time and, how beautifully I've seen it shine in the fifteen years I've known him. Rob models resurrection in such a wonderful way.He can also humbly acknowledge character flaws, when necessary, and take his passion for development into daily action. He is dedicated to service and, extends himself to the larger community. This book may represent his furthest reach in that regard and, my hope is that it reaches many hearts.

Patty Baret: When I met Robert seventeen years ago, he was at a turning point in his life. The way he had been living no longer worked for him. He was spiritually and mentally broke. He was searching for a different way of life. His behavior and his survival skills were causing him to be self destructive and miserable. He was lost. The day I met him was the first day where his journey into changing his life started. We spent hours talking as he shared with me his past and how he wanted to change and become a different man. I have met many people that have come to that turning point in their lives but even with the best of intentions continue to be paralyzed by fear.

David Kelmenson: Where do I begin? Rob is my best friend! He has been my business mentor and helped me completely transform my life both personally and professionally. He is a shining example excellence, focus, success, happiness and joy. Rob talks the talk and walks the walk. One of my favorite Rob questions is "If money was not part of it, what would you decision be?" Great question isn't it?! Rob lives that question. He is a true example transformation in every sense of the word. I am forever grateful for experiencing our deep friendship and business success. Peace and Blessing.

Al: I've known Rob for over a quarter century and I saw first hand what addiction did to Rob and to his family. His story clearly paints the devastation that addiction can cause and later how a life can be turned around 180 degrees. Rob has gained a great deal of financial success through real estate; however, it's his dedication to sobriety; family, friends and faith that make him the great person he is today.

David Nava: Rob is a person that makes an immediate impact on your life the moment you meet him. He is the kind of friend who makes you feel that all things are possible. Rob's success regardless of the obstacles approach is contageous. Spend some time with Rob and you�ll realize the good life is attainable for anyone.

Dan Lackey: Rob has consistently been a great example of success on all levels to me. He truly embodies the definition of a happy and useful life and is an outstanding friend, father and comrade He is one of the first people that I met in the real estate business and am fortunate enough to be able to consult with on occasion. Thanks for everything Rob!

Catia Salvadori Roentgen: Rob is the big brother I never had and always wanted. I look to him for inspiration, guidance and motivation as well as a good laugh. Rob is a great teacher (probably because he is a great student) and an amazing friend. I can only hope that I have made (and will continue to make) as good of a contribution to his life as he has made to mine.

Lee Johnson: My first contact with Rob was on a professional level, but it was not long before a common cord was hit and we became friends. Rob has a dynamic personality and a past that may be regarded as unique to some, yet common to others. However Robert's past is viewed; his past along with who he has become has allowed him to find familiar ground with just about anyone he meets. I've always admired Rob's ability to focus on the success of his business while planning and scheduling his personal life in conjunction with it. I am not surprised to read testimonials that resemble similar experiences, and contain the same heartfelt thoughts as my own. Good luck on your newest endeavor, I wish you nothing but the best, and look forward to our children growing up together.

Jeff Stone: Rob is an authentically kind and conscientious man and a virtual machine of intense productivity, positive life exploration and wealth building energy. I didn't know him when he was a party animal but would have probably been quite afraid to enter into the zone with him. Rob is always ready to connect, be a friend, or help out with personal and/or professional issues.

Stacey Rice, PhD: I initially met Robert at the local gym in Malibu in a spin class. I soon learned that we shared some common career interests, so often spin class would become an in depth analysis of the local real estate market. His charisma and knowledge made it seem natural to discuss real estate while spinning. As time went on, it was very apparent that Robert's intelligence and perception went far beyond the real estate market. He has a centered energy and balance and calmness surrounds him. Being in his presence is more calming than the spin class! Soon, as we became friends and started discussing life and relationships, I realized he has a Zen understanding of life and this planet well beyond the majority of people in Malibu and Los Angeles. He is someone I always can trust with an honest opinion, whether it is about life or real estate, and he always wishes success and love for everyone. I am so proud of his work with the community, his family and his book. Congrats, Rob!

Desiree Demato: Working along side with Rob was an inspiration. Rob is a motivated, successful, and loved individual. He is a true testament to someone dedicated to his career, family, and life.

Elaine Giftos Wright: I first met Rob about 6 years ago when he called me in to consult with him on the Feng Shui of his home. I was so impressed with his enthusiasm, optimism and great spirit. When I learned of his enormous hardships in his earlier life, I was stunned by how this wonderful young man had risen above such horrific adversities to become the beautiful, successful, good soul that he is today. He is an inspiration to us all and I am honored that he considers me a friend.

Debbie, A Childhood Friend: Every time I saw Rob he was always doing business deals, on the phone, people coming and going. He was a go-getter. Unfortunately, he was in the wrong business and thankfully, he found a way to use his talents to succeed in a healthy way.

Lisa Ann Penny: "I have always been taken by the "bright light" that shines through Rob and the fact that he shares it so unconditionally! He is a "powerful force" and a "stand up guy" that actually does "walk the walk!" His story is inspiring and brings hope through faith and solution! It is a blessing to know someone who has found such great success and still looks for every opportunity to give back however he can!

Bob Trinkkeller: I’ve known Rob for about 7 years or so. Prior to that, I knew who Rob was before I met him. He was a real estate agent, one of those “top producers,” you know the type, fine suits, luxury car, big ego, high end listings. When I met him, I was shocked; he was actually a really nice guy. We met because I was in a related field, and we worked together on a real estate transaction. I found Rob to be knowledgeable, professional, and ethical. His courteous and caring demeanor is a pleasure to be around. After a few years went by and we were involved in additional transactions, I noticed he always exhibited his passion for excellence. Over the years Rob has contributed to one of the charitable organizations I work with, and I have participated in a couple of the charities that he supports. During one of those events, we discovered that we both love to play tennis. We have been playing tennis together for a few years now, and I have noticed he plays similar to how he approaches life and work – with energy and enthusiasm. Like in business, he is determined and hard working.

Scott Sangerman: Knowing Rob for over 30 years I have seen him grow to be the man he is today. Kind, considerate, trust worthy, very spiritual, a true friend. Someone that can always be counted on to do what he says and he does have a lot to say. Even though we sometimes lost touch it was always just a phone call away to bring us back together. A great father to his children and I am sure a great husband to his new wife. I am proud to call him my friend.

Julia: Hello Robert, I just finished reading your book this week It has changed my view of life as well as the real estate \"job\" I have told friends and co workers to read it because it has a message for all of us no matter who you are it\'s about who you want to be,my favorite part of the book is the prayer of St.Francis It makes every day a better day. Thank you for sharing your story.

Patty Baret: Robert, I have known you since your very first day of sobriety. I have personally watched your transformation into the amazing man you are today! I know that your story and experience will help many men and women who are struggling with addiction. I hope that by reading your book, they will realize they are not alone and will find hope from your story. You truly are a miracle!